GLOWING MAMA | pregnancy fluid retention herbal tea

A natural remedy for fluid retention

The main purpose of this amazing pregnancy tea is to aid fluid retention which can be a really tricky element of pregnancy. To solve this, Mama has blended in two very powerful natural herbs for fluid retention - elderflowers and dandelion. 

Elderflowers are good for fluid retention and for removing toxins from the system and are completely safe to drink in pregnancy.

In pregnancy, Dandelion is also very effective for dealing with fluid retention and constipation.

In pregnancy, echinacea leaf is a valuable alternative to antibiotics and is an energizing immune-booster.

The base of this pregnancy tea is the wonderful natural herb, rooibos. Rooibos is very high in antioxidants, therefore great for protecting the body against free radicals. Made from a plant grown in the Cedarburg mountains in South Africa. It has no caffeine and also low tannin content, therefore does not inhibit the absorption of iron in the blood, therefore good for anaemics. All of this also make it a very safe herb for pregnant women to drink and indeed they have done so for many years in South Africa.

    • rooibos, echinacea leaves, elderflowers and dandelion leaves.
    • Please note that a carton of Glowing Mama herbal tea contains 16 delicious teabags each sealed in an individual tea sachet to preserve it's earthy herbal flavour. Net weight 30 grams.
    • We have also popped in some other goodies in this tea, useful for pregnant ladies, like dandelion, to help with water retention. Echinacea leaf is nature's natural antibiotic, so this is a powerful immune booster for all pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. Suitable for weeks 1-40 and for breastfeeding.
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