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Find your inner Goddess with this 28-day Lunar Detox Programme. This programme has been researched by our founder, Anna Louise, who has gathered some of the ancient recipes used in the Greek Islands and added some of the herbal information from her team of medical herbalists based in Germany.  Using her soulful journeys to Ibiza together with her knowledge of herbal tea, she has created this 28 day programme to maximise detoxification of the body, mind and spirit.

"I wanted to emulate the 28 day cycle that each one of us follows each month with this range of teas" Anna Louise explains, "Each month, we wax and wan with the moon and so the detox teas have to match that cycle".

Anna Louise studied female mythology as part of an art project and the lunar myth is something that is part and parcel of being female..."women are lunar. It is as simple as that. We are ruled by the moon - our emotions, our cycle, our whole being is lunar".

Lunar Cycle

There are 4 distinct phases in the lunar cycle - New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon. Each phase lasts approximately 7 days. The moon's gravitational pull on the body is biggest during a full and new moon, and drinking certain herbs during this time will enable the moon to flush toxins out of the body aiding weight-loss and well-being.

The moon can also affect your mood and so, using this lunar detox programme may help with mood fluctuations and cravings during these points in the lunar calendar.

Days 1 - 7 - NEW MOON

This is usually the time that  a woman will menstruate and in the days following, she needs a powerful tea that will help her restore vital vitamins and minerals as well as detoxing the body. This is a time when the gravitational pull is strong on the body so drinking more tea during this time is advised as the body requires extra fluids at this time.

In particular, consuming more of the right fluids will call on the power of the moon, stimulate renal activity, and allow your body to lose its excess water. This flushes out the toxins that accumulate in the body due to unhealthy foods, bad digestion, and stress, and provides a detoxifying effect that will strengthen your immune system. We have deliberately chosen a tea for this phase which will aid this process.

Days 8 - 14 - WAXING MOON

During this period of the lunar phase, cravings increase, therefore we recommend our tea that contains a sweet herb like liquorice and other goodies to ease off lunar cravings!

Days 15 - 21 - FULL MOON

This is the time of the month when a woman is ovulating so is a time of great energy! This was always considered a magical time. Witches were believed to cast positive spells during a full moon and it is considered an ideal time to make positive changes in your life. The body needs a tea that recognises the lightness in the body at this time. This is also the body's fertile period so drinking a tea packed with apples and cranberries is a must. Even if you are not trying to get pregnant, it is still very healthy for your body to consume fruits that support it through this time. 

Days 22 - 28 - WANING MOON

The waning moon is the ideal time to clear things up and declutter, so this really is the pinacle for your detox programme. This phase in particular can aid weight loss and so we added our apple and rhubarb skinny tea for this final phase. 


"The bountiful apples of this tea are infused by the beautiful Goddess of New Moon. She gathers her raspberries, blackberries and rose petals during the day and washes them in the bright moonlight in freshwater pools. Dancing around the rhubarb stalks close to the Ibiza beach, she is the fresh-faced lovely sometimes spotted on the beach at midnight, dancing around, the moon streaking her hair with silver light. Her skin glows in the moonlight as she rubs on her mixture of the purest rose petals and hibiscus flowers..."


Apples contain high levels of pectin, which binds to bad cholesterol and heavy metals, eliminating them from the body and cleans the intestines. By reducing your cholesterol, apples aid in everything from preventing gallstones to increasing heart health. Apples also contain a powerful antioxidant called QUERCETIN, which helps boost and fortify your immune system and even deliver more oxygen to the lungs for increased endurance. Quercetin helps to prevent against cancer and heart disease because it basically "eats up" all the free radicals floating around the system.


Beautiful cranberries are best known for their help in preventing urinary tract infections, however these natural detox foods boast a long list of cleansing benefits. Cranberries contain high amounts of proanthocyanidins (PACs), both A-type and the more unusual B-type and help fight off infection by reducing the ability of certain bacteria to adhere to the urinary tract walls. These same PACs, also help prevent bacteria from binding to teeth and platelets building up in the heart, making cranberries a useful weapon in the war against gum disease and heart disease.


The Goddess popped in some HIBISCUS FLOWERS to this tea for it's antioxidant qualities also because it is particularly good at giving the skin that beautiful glow.


The Goddess take the fruits of the rose and mixes them into this beautiful tea. Rose Hips contain 50% more vitamin C than oranges and citrus is a powerful detoxifier. Rose Hips are a powerful immune booster and give this tea some strength and power. 


    •   Apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, apple cubes, rose hip peel, apple slices, flavouring, freeze-dried cranberry slices.
    •   brew for 10-12 minutes.
        the water temperature of the perfect cup of our detox teas is 100 degrees.

        use 1.25 teaspoons of loose leaf tea per cup.
    • caffeine-free.