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Carly - online customer

Carly D.: "A lovely flavoursome tea! highly recommended ☕️ Brilliant friendly service."
5 stars

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mama Tea

Mama Tea.  Don't you love the name?  Such fun and the innovative Anna Simpson, a mumpreneur started this brilliant business when she found there was not a lot of choice or information out there for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas when it came to herbal teas.  She started her venture from her living room whilst looking after her two kids. What an inspiration, something I only dream of doing.

I stumbled across this tea when I received my bounty pack when I found out I was pregnant.  I loveherbal tea and immediately brewed a cup.  I was pleasantly surprised - delicious flavours, easy to drink and of course healthy for you and your bump/baby.  

All Mama teas are 100% natural and caffeine free - her newly designed website is easy to use and informative too.  Why not go have a look and if you fancy, try her taster pack which contains the following Mama Tea blends:

Morning Mama - Ginger and Chamomile Herbal Tea
Glowing Mama - Rooibos and Elderflower Herbal Tea
Cool Mama - Spearmint and Chamomile Herbal Tea
Ready Mama - Raspberry Leaf and Rose Petal Herbal Tea
New Mama - Fennel and Liquorice Herbal Tea

I love supporting local and independent businesses and I think Anna is an inspiration to all us Moms out there.

Happy tea-drinking ♥ 



New Online Review of our Bump to Buba Bumper Tea Range!

 "I used READY MAMA given by my friend and it really work from contraction to delivering my baby took only 6 hours. So I bought this package for my friend in Netherlands. Ellen Antheunis"


Lynda - Online Customer

"This is not so much a review of the teas; I will leave that to my pregnant daughter.....(although I have tried one of them already which put onto the search for more!), it's more about my experience of the service I received recently.
I just happened to be the first person to place an order on the new website and there were a few 'teething' problems that prevented me from completing my order. I sent an email quoting my problem and received the promised "reply within 1 hour" from Anna Louise personally. She fixed the problem almost immediately. After several email exchanges I became aware that I was feeling very welcomed and valued as a customer by her prompt personal attention and warm generosity. Thank you Anna Louise. I have shared my experience and the deliciousness of the teas with my daughter and friends, one of whom is a midwife, she said she would pass on the same to her new mums. 
So, if you are thinking of placing an order for some lovely Mama Tea, don't hesitate! Go, Mama, Go!!"


Melanie - Online Customer

"I started using Morning Mama Tea when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I was sceptical about the tea helping,but the nausea and sickness was unbearable. I can honestly say that the has helped me cope with the nausea and helped me to manage working whilst not feeling my best. This is my third pregnancy and the nausea has stayed with me until I was 23 weeks. I found brewing the tea in a thermos cup great as I could sip the tea throughout the day and the tea stayed hot.

I am so glad I tried the teas and am now using the Cool Mama tea to help with my heartburn and indigestion. Again the tea is working really well for me, and is a lot easier to take than heartburn and indigestion medication. I plan to continue using the tea throughout this pregnancy and wish I had tried the tea with both my 1st and 2nd pregnancies".

Melanie 27 weeks pregnant and mother of two beautiful girls


REVIEW: Mama Tea

The lovely ladies at Mama Tea were kind enough to send me some samples of their teas to try out. Now anyone that know me knows that I love my teas and I love my coffees so to impress me takes something special.

Mama Tea was founded to create a range of herbal teas that were suitable for the different stages of pregnancy. The three I have tried so far are Morning MamaCool Mama andGlowing Mama. They also produce Ready Mama, a raspberry leaf and rose petal blend for use towards the end of pregnancy, and New Mama, a mix of liquorice root, fennel, fenugreek, red clover, nettle leaf and lemon balm for new mothers to help promote milk production. The teas are available either as loose-leaf tea on in boxes of twenty individually wrapped teabags.

The first one I happened to try was Morning Mama.

I have been incredibly lucky with this pregnancy having only been sick three times. Whether that’s down to learning from my last pregnancy with the Wee Man or the possibility that Squatter may not be a wee man (I’ll find out next Friday all being well) who knows, but the day after these teas arrived was the last time I was sick giving me the perfect opportunity to try it out.

The first thing that strikes you is the scent of the tea when you unwrap the box. It does smell quite strongly and is very pleasant indeed. Infact I found that was a feature of all that teas, unlike many traditional herbal teas. This blend is a mix of chamomile and ginger neither of which over powers the other. Personally I like my tea slightly stronger so left the teabag in for longer than the recommended three minutes but of course that’s just my preference.

And did it do the job? Well yes it certainly helped and my nausea had disappeared before I’d finished the cup. Maybe as I’ve had so little nausea and sickness I’m not the best judge of that particular tea but it certainly seemed to do the job for me.

The Cool Mama blend contains chamomile and spearmint and is designed with the relief of pregnancy heartburn in mind.

At times my heartburn in pregnancy has been awful to the point of keeping me awake and chomping down gaviscon tablets like no tomorrow (in my case, the liquid makes the burning worse).

So far I’ve drunk the tea when I have felt the beginnings of the burn before it became too severe. The spearmint provided cooling relief and the chamomile helped me to relax. Again the smell of the tea is very pleasant and the blend well balanced.

And onto the final tea I have tried so far – the rooibos and elderflower blend, Glowing Mama.

Now rooibos has never been a tea that I have particularly favoured, finding it to be harsh on my palate and the only rooibos tea in my house is kept for when my Mum visits. But for the sake of this review I gave it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised. The elderflowers balanced out the harshness of the rooibos and I’m actually having a cup while writing up this review. So it’s not my favourite of the three but compared with the washed out versions of caffeine free everyday tea and cheap herbal teas found in the supermarket this tea has an edge.

I will definitely be testing out the other teas in the range when I get to the right time to try them and plan on stocking up on my next trip up to the homeland. I’m especially looking forward to trying Ready Mama as the rose petals smell fantastic.

To find out more about the Mama Tea blends or for details of your nearest stockist visit


Image courtesy of Mama Tea

The views expressed within this review are my own. No payment was received in exchange for this review.


When pregnant and breastfeeding, woman are advised to cut down on their caffeine intake. If like me you love a cup of coffee or tea then it can be hard to find something else to replace it. I have always enjoyed herbal tea anyway and use it not only as a nice drink but also as a healthy alternative such as Nettle tea or peppermint tea after a heavy meal. So naturally when I was pregnant I replaced my regular cups of tea and coffee (except one cup of coffee first thing in the morning!) with a tasty herbal tea. When I was 38 weeks pregnant I started drinking Raspberry Leaf tea, my other pregnant mums hated the taste, but I didn’t find it too bad – it wasn’t on my top 10 and I haven’t drunk it since … until I received my Mama Tea package just before Christmas!

The tea is beautifully packaged and very clearly labelled (especially warning messages about when to take and not take the tea) and the packaging colours are bold and look gorgeous lined up in my kitchen cupboard.

I followed the instructions for making the tea on the back of each packet and infused the herbs for 3 minutes, which makes a lovely cup of tea – although I do also tend to just leave my tea bag in the cup for a bit longer for a stronger flavour.

Each tea has been specially blended to help either pregnant or new mummies, but I have to say these herbal teas are lovely and I will be enjoying many more cups of Mama Tea.

Ready Mama – Raspberry leaf and Rose Petal

Herbal Tea by Mama Tea - Ready Mama

Uses: In pregnancy from 38 weeks. It is thought to help tone the muscles of your uterus (womb) ready for labour.

This is the first time since being pregnant that I have had raspberry leaf tea and I have to say I like it, the rose petal blend takes the edge off the raspberry leaf flavour.

I have recommended this version of the herbal tea to all my pregnant mummy to be friends.

Cool Mama – Spearmint and Chamomile

Hebal Tea by Mama Tea - Cool Mama

Uses: good for pregnancy heartburn or before bed

I enjoy a cup of mint tea anyway so I was looking forward to tasting this. My initial thought was that it was a very refreshing team, much more so than a regular mint tea but also very subtle. This was a particularly handy tea to have handy over Christmas, especially after a rather large Christmas lunch!!

I would definitely opt for Cool Mama over my regular mint tea from now on.

Morning Mama – Ginger and Chamomile

Herbal Tea by Mama Tea - Morning Mama

Uses: good for morning sickness

Like many newly pregnant mums, I always had a few gingernut biscuits handy in the first few months of pregnancy, just in case a bout of morning sickness came on. This herbal tea with it’s gingery tones would have been really handy to have.

I am on the fence with ginger generally and I’m not keen on anything that is over-poweringly ginger … this tea has the right mix of enough ginger as well as other flavours such as chamomile and citrus tones so that it does not become just a ginger tea – you can still taste the other flavours.

I recently discovered that one of my favourite herbal teas (orange and ginger) was no longer being made, so I’m really glad I discovered Morning Mama as I also find that ginger tea is great to have handy when you have a cold or just feeling a bit under the weather.

New Mama – Fennel and Lemon Balm

Herbal Tea by Mama Tea - New Mama

Uses: This tea should not be used in pregnancy but really good to use while breastfeeding.

I was a bit dubious about this one as I’m not a fennel fan, but once I tasted it, wow … there is a real liquorice flavour that is delightful and leaves your mouth feeling alive and refreshed.

When I was breastfeeding my daughter I got to the point where I felt I wanted to naturally increase my milk supply and took Fenugreek supplements (which I felt really helped with my supply), this tea has the added advantage that it contains fennel, fenugreek and nettle, which are all galactagogues – herbs which help to promote milk production and flow.

I’m a little bit addicted to this herbal tea as I’m a big liquorice fan and will also be giving fennel another go!

Glowing Mama – Rooibos and Elderflower

Herbal Tea by Mama Tea - Glowing Mama

Uses: Rooibos plant contains powerful antioxidants. It is very popular in South Africa and has been used by pregnant and nursing women throughout pregnancy

This combination really works, I love elderflower and combined with Rooibos they make a good team. I find that Rooibos on its own can be a bit too earthy for me, but with elderflower it softens the taste to make a very pleasant alternative to a regular cup of tea, with or without a splash of milk.

My Favourite Mama Tea

My Favourites out of all the Mama Herbal Tea’s are New Mama and Cool Mama.



So I haven’t done a great job at hiding my impatience. Can you imagine what I’ll do if I go far overdue? I started off being antsy but am reaching the stage eloquently branded by Muddling Along Mummy as “The Ar*e”.


According to her it’s a sure sign that things are getting going. I wasn’t sure what she meant by “The Ar*e” either and she rewarded me with an explanation: “utterly completely f**ked off by everything & fly off the handle at slightest provocation”. Well, ahem, yes. It’s probably more than a bit accurate. Or at least, I’m getting there. Bloody hormones.


I’m fed up of not being able to walk properly, of getting pains that don’t seem to be materialising into labour, of not being able to hold anything in my bladder when I lie down at night.


But, you know what? I’m really fed up of drinking raspberry leaf tea. I know the research around it is anecdotal but a few girlfriends of mine swear by its efficacy in easing labour so I committed from 34 weeks (or was it 32? My memory’s getting woolly) to drinking it and building up my intake, in case it does help.

It was alright to start with but a friend warned that I’d soon get fed up and yes, by the time I was on four cups a day, the stuff tasted vile to me. My mum’s had a cup or two and doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe I’m just ticked off by wasting my loo trips on herby, caffeine-free stuff instead of my pre-pregnancy five cups of coffee a day (I know, I know).


Anyhoo, a distraction from “The Ar*e” could not have come at a better time as a box full of Mama Tea infusions arrived today.



They sent them to me for review and I’m inordinately excited about giving them a go, especially since I think my beef with raspberry leaf tea is that I’m plain bored of it.


I've also become one of those people who thinks everything their pet does is brilliant



So my mum and I cracked open the box of Ready Mama, a blend including raspberry leaf, hibiscus rose petals, motherwort, rosehip, and echinacea leaf, claiming to be a “powerful birth preparation tea” – not that she’s pregnant (good grief, that would be weird) but she’s a herby kind of lady and it would do her no harm. And it just might do me a bit of good, seeing as I am certainly post the recommended 38 weeks for starting it.



I’m actually liking it. I hasn’t got that sickly-almost-sweet taste that I’ve come to associate with raspberry leaf tea and it genuinely smells floral. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something nostalgic in that scent. Maybe the hibiscus hits me with memories of life in the tropics. I probably spent as much time sniffing it as I did sipping it.

Its flavour’s so light I didn’t feel like I was pushing through the cup, fighting for a cause, suffering for a better birth.

And even if it’s not doing a thing to my uterus, at least it seems to have take the edge off my arsiness.






Mama Tea produce a range of natural caffeine-free herbal tea – three of them (Glowing, Morning and Cool) are suitable throughout pregnancy while Ready and New Mama are suitable just before and after birth.

I was sent a box of each tea to try out and the first thing I was impressed with was how beautifully they were presented. The boxes were wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon – this always makes me happy if a product looks good!

I have tried the three teas suitable for early pregnancy.


morning mama


This is a subtle blend of ginger root, whole chamomile flower heads, lemon balm, lemon peel and orange peel that’s great for nausea, morning sickness and digestive upsets.



glowing mama


Contains South African rooibos, echinacea leaf, dandelion and elderflower blossom. This tea is a powerful antioxidant and good for fluid retention and boosting the immune system.




cool mama


Refreshing minty tea that cools with gentle chamomile flower heads blended with whole spearmint leaves and marshmallow leaves. Great for gentle heartburn and indigestion.



I absolutely love the morning mama and cool mama teas. I could drink both all day long (and probably will!). I wasn’t so keen on the glowing mama but the list of ingredients make it sound so good for me that I will try it a few more times.

Each tea bag is individually wrapped so perfect for popping in your handbag or drinking at home.




Mama Tea:: Review and Giveaway



I have been contacted by  Mama Tea the other week. They sent me a selection of their products to review.
As a breastfeeding mum I need to keep hydrated. 
My 18 month old still wakes  a few times during the night for a feed. In the morning I literally feel drained and the first thing I do when I wake up is putting the kettle on. I love tea!
Mama Tea has a fantastic selection of herbal teas which are naturally caffeine free.
Morning Mama:A blend of chamomile and ginger, fantastic for nausea and morning sickness. I suffered a lot from morning sickness during both pregnancies and ginger does help, tried and tested.
Glowing Mama: A blend of South African rooibos, elderflower, echinacea and dandelion. This tea is a powerful antioxidant and great for boosting the immune system.
Cool Mama:A refreshing minty tea that is a blend of chamomile and spearmint. Good for pregnancy heartburn and indigestion.
Ready Mama: A lovely bright pink tea that combines raspberry leaves.hibiscus and rose petals. This is a powerful birth preparation tea. It is believed that raspberry leaves help to stimulate the uterus and shortens the labour. I don't know if it works for everyone but I think it did for me. My first baby was born in 6 hours and the second one in 2 hours!
New Mama:A lovely fennel, liquorice and lemon balm blend. A delicious breastfeeding tea that helps increase the milk supply.


  1.  Mama Tea. These arrived beautifully packaged and swaddled in tissue. The perfect thing for a mummy in need of a little (calorie free) treat – and aren’t we all worthy recipients of a small something to ease the day along? Some of them are specifically for pregnancy, like the Ready Mama tea with raspberry leaf, but Morning Mama and Glowing Mama are fine for any time. Lovely!


"I had my baby in November 2010 and my Mum went to Tesco for me to do a big shop to help out in the early days.  I'm so glad she did!  She came back with a box of New Mama tea which has proved to be a life saver for me.  I'm exclusively breastfeeding, currently into month 5 and I also express an extra bottle a day to donate to the local Milk Bank to aid the recovery of premature babies.  Not only do I really like the taste of New Mama Tea but I most definitely see an increase in my supply after drinking it.  So, after expressing, I have a cup and then I'm happy and confident knowing my supply will replenish quicker.  When I run out of tea bags I definitely notice a difference.  Another bonus is that I'm usually a big tea and coffee drinker (two sugars, loads of milk - very bad) so in drinking caffeine free Mama Tea it's better for my baby and also better for my waistline!  I've definitely lost weight ditching the sugary drinks.  Thanks Mama Tea!"



All the best,


Gemma x


I'm a big fan of ready mama, I suffer with dysmenorrhea and i find drinking ready mama eases my symptoms. I really enjoy a cup of cool mama every now and then when I'm feeling stressed as it is really relaxing and refreshing.


Love your teas,

Charlotte Rydz