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My name is Anna Louise and I am the founder of Mama Tea, the goddess tea brand. I am a boho modern healer, using my magical herbs to heal and provide wellness to others.
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I originally created the Mama Tea brand  as I had suffered two difficult pregnancies. At the time, I was out of sync with myself, out of balance and struggling. 
During my pregnancy, I discovered that there were lots of natural herbal teas to choose from but struggled in two aspects:
1. I didn't know which herbal teas were safe to take during pregnancy and which ones to avoid. My midwife had told me all about raspberry leaf tea but none of the brands that I found had instructions or warnings about when exactly I should start drinking this herbal tea (it is week 38 by the way!). Therefore, I was at a bit of a loss in this respect.
2. I also could not find any herbal teas that tasted good!! This is important to all of us and I just couldn't understand why the herbal teas that I drank all tasted so *healthy*, *bland*, *downright horrible*. Therefore, when I had the idea to come up with a range of herbal teas for pregnant and breastfeeding women, I wanted mine to TASTE GOOD!!

I discovered the magic power of herbs during my pregnancies and created a range of pregnancy herbal teas and a wonderful breastfeeding herbal tea.


Since then, I pursued my exploration of the concept of holistic wellness, meditating regularly and eating well. However, it was exploring the wide healing nature of natural herbs that changed my life. Walking regularly on the beach near my house in Scotland, I felt a primeval yearning to push further with my business than I ever had before.


Following my gut instinct, a week later, I booked a trip around Greece. It was in Greece that I re-ignited my love affair with herbs. In Greece, they still have a philosophy of wise women, infusing herbs and casting spells over the fire. I was fascinated and felt a deep call inside to look much closely at what I could achieve with herbs with my own wellness and then see if I could help others as a result.

I researched some of the old Greek herbal tea recipes such a “mountain tea’ and “greek healing tea” and feeling very inspired, started to create the my wellness tea collection, using herbs but also using some of my favourite teas like sencha green tea and the powerful antioxidant, rooibos. However, fate stepped in again with a surprise trip to the wonderful island of Ibiza, known as the “White Isle”.


Ibiza is one of the most magnetic islands in the world and you feel it’s energy as soon as you arrive. Healing starts immediately in the White Isle and it was so with me. The reason for this is due to the GODDESS energy in this wonderful place. Tanit is the protector Goddess that protects the magical island of Ibiza. She’s still very much here on the island in spirit as you will see if you look out, there are references to her goddess-ness all over the place. 


Inspired and feeling very blessed, I looked hard within and after years of self-doubt with bouts of depression, I was surprised to find that at the core of my being was a strong goddess of my own. My own being was goddess-like. Powerful, intuitive and creative, she was some force. Why had a hidden this powerful being for so long? Women used to be much more powerful than they are in current society and we have simply forgotten how powerful we are.

Each of my teas has been thoroughly researched and blessed. I hope they along with some of my research helps you find your own goddess within.


Goddess Love Forever.




If you would like to get in touch with Anna to discuss her natural herbal Mama Tea, please get in touch on Linked-In, by Twitter or email me. Anna is available for interviews, public speaking events and all things tea related.
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