Healing power of herbal tea


Herbs have been with us since we first walked this Earth. We have infused them into tinctures and teas since cave dwelling times. The knowledge of herbs is an ancient and mystical intelligence and one that has never left us.


In today’s world, it is easy to become cynical and to put to one side such ancient practices. However, in doing this, we stop listening to our higher selves and we avoid an ancient knowledge so powerful and healing that we must be crazy!

Mama Tea was founded by a mother looking to use that knowledge to heal herself and others, simply by using the healing powers of herbs. Mama Tea is the only tea company to use Mother Wort for example. Mother Wort is an ancient herb used to aid women’s menstruation and uterus contractions. It is very effective and yet we are the only company still to use such an ancient herb.


Another powerful use of herbs is through the healing power of a recipe or a blend of many herbs to reach an overall healing effect. In ancient times, we would have called this a spell!

Mama Tea’s New Mama Breastfeeding Tea is a perfect example of that. In this tea, we have blended three galactagogues – nettle leaf,  fennel and fenugreek, all there to promote the production and flow of breast milk. We have also included lemon balm for post-natal depression and red clover to ease the effects of mastitis.

The overall effect of this recipe is to stimulate breastfeeding for the new breastfeeding mum as well as easing some of the less savoury side effects.

We need to embrace our ancient heritage and use what nature gave us!