Try New Mama - our delicious breastfeeding herbal tea


All three herbs above are known as "galactagogues" - they are herbs that help your body to produce breast milk and get it flowing. All of them are in New Mama - our breastfeeding herbal tea.

We have also included lemon balm, a herb that helps with the "baby blues".

Breastfeeding is difficult for a lot of women at first......getting baby to latch on, coping with the lack of sleep and the sheer exhaustion of a new baby. Getting the milk flowing is one thing you no longer have to worry about, as New Mama solves this problem. 

Mama Tea was started by a mama, Anna Louise Simpson, who had been through difficult pregnancies and struggled with breastfeeding. She worked with a Master Tea Blender and a top Medical herbalist to create this wonderful herbal tea for new mamas.