4 reasons to Drink New Mama Breastfeeding Tea! Available in the UK and Worldwide

4 great reasons to use New Mama as your breastfeeding tea!

Number 1. – breast milk production and flow

nettle breastfeeding tea UK mama tea

fenugreek breastfeeding tea UK mama tea

fennel breastfeeding tea UK mama tea 

New Mama contains three herbs which are known as  “galactagogues” – they are all natural and are nettle, fennel and fenugreek. All of these natural herbs have been used for years for women trying to aid breast milk production and are responsible for working with a breastfeeding woman’s hormones to create breast milk and get flow going.


Number 2 - Mastitis relief

Anna, the Mama of Mama Tea, who created the Mama Tea range not only wanted to help women with breastfeeding but Anna has Mastitis whilst she was breastfeeding, therefore Anna really wanted to include Red Clover in New Mama breastfeeding herbal tea. This lovely herb not only tastes lovely but will also help women relieve the symptoms of mastitis.

red clover breastfeeding tea UK mama tea

Reason 3 – Help with the “baby blues”

Most new mamas suffer from the “baby blues” due to hormonal changes after childbirth. Some go on to experience post-natal depression in various forms. Anna is open about her experience with post-natal depression and wanted to specifically include a herb to help naturally lift the mood. This is why she included Lemon Balm in our breastfeeding tea. Perfectly safe for baby whilst breastfeeding and also helps mama.

lemon balm breastfeeding tea UK mama Tea


Reason 4 - Anna has made breastfeeding tea taste lovely!

Anna wanted this breastfeeding tea to taste great! She was sick of herbal teas that tasted bland.Therefore, Anna created this breastfeeding herbal tea with taste in mind, therefore she added some liquorice root to make it taste lovely as well as being natural and caffeine-free!


All of our teas are available in the UK and internationally through our website - www.mamatea.com

Drink Mama Tea and be happy!