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January 31, 2017

COOL MAMA - spearmint and chamomile herbal tea

minty madam

Cool Mama is a minty whirlwind of a herbal tea; soothing spearmint leaves twirl in the cup with gentle chamomile leaving a refreshing minty taste with no hint of bitterness. Mellow marshmallow leaves dance around this minty concoction, leaving you in no doubt that you have had a mighty minty experience! This is Mama Tea's cool refreshing herbal tea!

 COOL MAMA | spearmint and chamomile herbal tea

If you are pregnant, then this tea is perfect! Cool and refreshing, you can drink this tea throughout pregnancy and it also helps with pregnancy heartburn and queasy tummies.

January 31, 2017

GLOWING MAMA rooibos herbal tea

Earthy South Africa in a teacup

Rooibos is a very powerful antioxidant that is only found at the foothills of the Cederburg mountains in South Africa. Glowing Mama loves South Africa and loves rooibos, not just because of it's creamy warm taste but because it is caffeine-free, extremely good for flushing out toxins and very tasty! Rooibos Tea (also known as Redbush Tea) is a completely natural herbal tea; the rooibos herb is found in a small area of the Western Cape and is a rich, earthy herb. Rooibos also has very low levels of tannins compared to traditional tea, as well as powerful flavonoids.

glowing mama | rooibos antioxidant herbal tea

Mama wanted to add a twist to traditional rooibos, so she worked with a Master Tea Blender to stir up dandelion leaf, echinacea leaf and elderflowers with rooibos, all in a single teacup! The result? A creamy earthy powerful rooibos blend that conjures up the sun and releases toxins gently. If you are new to herbal tea, this blend is probably your first stop!

Give it a go, close your eyes, imagine the warmth of the sun on your skin and that just about sums up Glowing Mama!

breastfeeding tea

Why is New Mama such a great breastfeeding tea? Well, it was developed by our mama, Anna-Louise Simpson who suffered from terrible mastitis when she was breastfeeding and found it hard to get the baby to latch on.

new mama breastfeeding tea | mama tea

As a result she wanted to create a completely natural breastfeeding tea with no hidden nasties! In particular she wanted to include herbs like lemon balm for post-natal depression and red clover for mastitis.

We of course included herbs to help with breastfeeding like fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds and nettle leaf. 

The result is a stunning tea that tastes amazing but is also really effective! Give it a try!

January 23, 2017

How to get rid of morning sickness

morning sickness tea

We have all been there. You are delighted that you are pregnant but the awful nausea and sickness is taking over your life! If you eat too much, you feel sick and if you eat too little you feel sick. You can't win!

Caffeine doesnt help so avoid the coffees, lattes and cappucinos. Caffeine is also very harmful for the growing fetus, so please avoid it. 

Ginger nut biscuits are sometimes far too gingery to stomach, so the Mama of Mama Tea has come up a solution!


morning mama morning sickness tea

This tea has been created specifically for morning sickness and nausea. It has several active ingredients to help. We have all herbs checked by the world's leading medical herbalist in pregnancy.

We provide this tea in pyramid teabags - BUY HERE


This is a fantastic herb - it actively settles the stomach and eases symptoms of nausea.


It is a nerve tonic and relaxant with antispasmodic and carminative actions, and makes an excellent remedy for mild depression, panic attacks, palpitations, irritability, restlessness and anxiety – especially if the anxiety is causing indigestion.


Lemon is a traditional remedy for colds, coughs, flu, and fevers; in mainland Europe, lemon has been widely regarded as a cure-all for all infection (especially in Italian folk medicine) and the medicine of choice in any epidemic. It is excellent for nausea.


Chamomile calms the central nervous system and also settles quesy stomachs.


Orange peel has been used traditionally in Chinese Medicine; the most important flavanone in oranges, found in orange peel, is ”herperidin”, which has been shown to lower high blood pressure as well as cholesterol in animal studies, and to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. The Name “herperidin” derives from the Greek mythological nymphs, “The Hesperides”, which were, nymphs who guarded a garden in which golden apples grow.

January 13, 2017

Try our Aphrodite Beauty Tea!

look and feel like a goddess

Aphrodite Beauty Tea a daily beauty essential; creating beauty from the inside out! We have blended together teas and herbs that are all natural collagen boosters for the skin. Collagen is vital for strengthening blood vessels and giving skin its natural elasticity and strength. The degradation of collagen causes wrinkles and other skin issues. The body makes collagen naturally but it is always good to supply the body with the raw ingredients to maintain the collagen you have and add more.

Ahrodite Beauty Tea has a very high percentage of both green tea and white tea. 79% of this tea is Pai Mu Tan White tea.

A recent study showed that both white tea and green tea contained anti-aging and antioxidant qualities that helped to maintain collagen naturally in the skin. See extract of Study here.

White tea has a very high polyphenol count which in incredibly important when attempting to maintain skin elasticity. The study referred to above, showed that extracts in white tea inhibit wrinkle production by strengthening elastin and collagen, which helps to prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Green tea is also an essential tea to drink if trying to assist the maintenance and production of collagen naturally. Green tea contains catechins which are phytonutrients that act as antioxidants and prevent the breakdown of collagen.

The exotic dragon fruit looks pretty but it also helps you stay pretty with it's amazing collagen boosting properties. A member of the cacti family, it is the harsh growing environment of the dragon fruit that has contributed to it's magnificent anti ageing properties. This plant needs to conserve water to survive, therefore it contains high level of saccharides which means that it also helps your skin stay hydrated and this in turn helps to keep skin tight and firm.

March 10, 2016

New Mama Breastfeeding Herbal Tea

New Mama Tea is Mama Tea's breast-feeding tea. A completely caffeine-free herbal tea packed full of breastfeeding goodies like fennel, fenugreek and nettle leaf, this is a breastfeeding tea that is of the highest quality.

new mama breastfeeding herbal tea

Three galactagogues are included, which are fennel, fenugreek and nettle leaf. Galactagogues help the body to produce breast ilk and ensure breast milk flow. 

New Mama also includes lemon balm to help with anxiety or post-natal depression.

We also included some red clover to assist with mastitis, which is inflammation of the breast tissue, sometimes associated with breastfeeding.

New Mama Tea also includes liquorice root, called the "grandfather of herbs".

Give it a try - it is the perfect 100% natural teas for new mamas, developed by a mama!

new mama breastfeeding herbal tea



February 04, 2015

Breastfeeding Tea UK

Our New Mama Breastfeeding Tea is packed in the UK and is owned by a UK company. Because of this, we have exceptional standards when it comes to choosing the best quality herbs, like fennel and fenugreek to go into our nursing tea. But also, we are able to continually check the quality of packing to ensure that this product is of the highest standard, which is very important to every breastfeeding mama. 

Our New Mama breastfeeding tea contains three galactagogues - fennel, fenugreek and nettle, to help promote breast milk production and flow. 

Mama also added some red clover to help with mastitis and lemon balm to help with the baby blues. 

Give our breastfeeding tea a try and watch your breast milk production increase naturally!

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